Cottage terms and conditions

Dear guests, please read carefully our accommodation terms and conditions.
We are looking forward to you choosing our accommodation facility, which we have
lovingly prepared for you, so please treat it like “at home” and take care of our cottage as
your own so that it can serve you as well as other guests.
At the same time, we ask you to follow the following instructions:

  1. Arrival for the accommodation is from 4pm exactly on the day and hour agreed in advance
    between the landlord and the customer. Departure from the accommodation is no later than
    11am. The number of guests must correspond to the number of people listed on the booking
  2. The accommodation is reserved in advance by paying a deposit according to the price list.
    By paying the deposit, the customer agrees with the terms and conditions and declares that he
    is aware of the premises, the cottage rules, the complaint procedure, the price list of the
    ordered accommodation, the cancellation fee and GDPR. The deposit is non-refundable, it is
    possible to send someone else instead, or by agreement to reschedule the date of stay.
  3. Accommodation is paid in advance, before receiving the keys to the building. The amount
    of the deposit is deducted from the price. A security deposit of EUR 300 is required in
    advance for any damages. Refund of the refundable deposit for renting a cottage will be made
    within 48 hours of your check – out and return of the keys in case of damage to property and
    violation of the cottage rules. We exercise this right due to possible findings of property
    damage during a thorough cleaning of the cottage after the stay. If the amount of damage
    exceeds the amount of the deposit, the responsible person is obliged to compensate the
    remaining damage within 3 calendar days from the end of the stay and quantification of the
  4. The legal representative shall act on behalf of the minors. It is forbidden to leave children
    under 10 years of age unattended in the interior and exterior of the building. In the event of
    an accident or other unforeseeable circumstances, the person with whom the child is
    registered for the stay is responsible for the child.
  5. Accommodation in the building is allowed only to persons who do not suffer from an
    infectious disease.
  6. The whole building is strictly forbidden to have visitors and their overnight stays without
    the consent of the owner of the building.
  7. In the building there is a ban on the use of sports equipment intended for exteriors (balls,
    tennis rackets, sledges, etc.), a ban on bringing sports equipment into the rooms (skis,
    bicycles, etc.) and a ban on wearing sport shoes in the building.
  8. We recommend that guests bring suitable slippers.
  9. Accommodation of pets is not allowed. Any exceptions must be agreed with the owner of
    the object.
  10. Guests agree that during the rental period the owner has the right to enter the building and
    rooms in order to perform any obligations arising from the operation of the building
    (necessary repairs and maintenance, emergencies, etc.). The exterior and interior of the
    building is maintained and functional, the accommodated guests are in their best interest to
    identify defects and immediately report them to the owner of the building.
  11. It is is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the building to move equipment (beds, furniture …),
    make modifications and repairs to the building, interventions in networks and installations
    (prohibition of manipulation and adjustment of audio-video equipment), prohibition to handle
    vehicles intended for the transport of guests and also enter the boiler room and inaccessible
    parts of the cottage.
  12. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to smoke in the entire area of cottage. Only specified
    outdoor areas (ashtray) are intended for smokers. Please do not throw cigarette butts in
    nature! Remember that you are in a forest surrounded by trees and wood and therefore there
    is a high risk of fire.
  13. There is a strict ban on putting fire inside the building, except for a designated place,
    which the landlord has the right to control.
  14. Inside the cottage and its exterior there is a STRICT PROHIBITION on the use of
    narcotics and drugs.
  15. Keep lit candles and lamps under constant control to prevent fire.
  16. Guests are required to take measures to ensure order and peace in the building and in the
    immediate vicinity of the building and also have a duty to respect the quiet time from 22.00
    am – 6.00 am. The person who rented the building is responsible for the above.
  17. In the event of violation of the cottage rules and after considering the situation, the
    landlord is entitled to notify a police patrol, or ask guests to leave the building without the
    right to a refund for accommodation.
  18. Before leaving the building, the accommodated guest is required to close the water taps,
    turn off the lights, turn off electrical appliances, close the windows and lock the doors. A
    separate fee is charged for the loss of the key.
  19. It is prohibited to bring food and beverages to the bedroom areas on the 1st floor, as well
    as to the wellness area in the basement of the cottage.
  20. The landlord is not responsible for valuables, jewelry and money of guests brought into
    the building, as well as for damages caused to the property of guests. This also applies to
    cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skis, etc. The guests are responsible for damages caused to the
    landlord’s property in accordance with valid legal regulations (Act No. 40/1964 Coll., The
    Civil Code, as amended).
  21. The end of the stay is no later than 11:00 am, and the object is inspected before the
    departure of visitors. Please leave the object clean, dishes washed and garbage ready for
    disposal, inventory stored in its original place. The landlord reserves the right in case of
    damage to the cottage and its property or severe pollution of the building (mud, vomit, etc.)

to keep part of the security (deposit) or its full amount depending on the damage or pollution
of the building.

  1. Accommodated guests are obliged to comply with the accommodation regulations –
    violation of these conditions gives a legal right to the owner of the building to withdraw from
    the contract before the agreed time. This accommodation procedure is available in the cottage
    building, published on the website and accommodated guests are
    acquainted with it even when agreeing on the conditions and taking over the building keys-
    ignorance of the provisions is not a reason for non-compliance.
  2. In case of inappropriate behavior in cottage, damage to movable and immovable property
    will be transferred to the offense department for suspicion of committing an offense §50,
    paragraph 1 of Act no. 372/1990 Coll.
    Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay.
    Family Tanistrák