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Be inspired by our selection of activities in the area. Winter skiing, skialp, running, mushroom picking, hiking, summer sports, relaxation or culture? The choice is up to you, because everything you desire is within your reach.


Cabin Martinky (wellness directly with us ☺) Spa & Aquapark Turčianske Teplice 42 km Rajecké Teplice 49,2 km Aquapark Bešeňová 65,3 km

Winter Park Martinky

Winter Park Martinky ski resort is located in the heart of Mala Fatra, directly above the town of Martin, at an altitude of 1,150 - 1456 m above sea level. It is known for its ski trails, beautiful panorama of all Slovak hills, and nature. Winter Park Martinky is a resort that is unique in Slovakia for its location and the amount of natural snow. It provides ideal conditions for various opportunities for active relaxation such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and hiking.


Ferrata MRS

The MRS ferrata in Martinske Hle is the first ferrata built in Slovakia, which was intended for the general public. The abbreviation MRS means Mountain Rescue Service and it was the volunteers from the mountain service who built this beauty. It was officially opened in June 2014 and since then it has enjoyed a large number of tourists.

Technical parameters

Distance 12,3 km
Elevation 785 m
Time 4,45 hod
It is open all year round except the periods from 15th April to 31st May and 19th September to 31st October.


Hiking trails

In Martinské Hole, hiking trails have been sought after for many years for their unique views and many attractions. The most popular include: Martinské hole - upper circuit to the transmitter, Martin - Martinské hole - Vrútky, Vrútky - Minčol - Martinské hole, Martin ATC Turiec - Martinské hole, ZSSK circuit Rajecké Teplice - Krížava - Vrútky

Bike Trips

Turiec is perfect for cycling. Thanks to the diversity and structre of the area, it is suitable for both road and mountain bikers. Turiec has a total of 19 marked cycling routes, which connect the upper, middle and lower Turiec. The longest route is the Turčianska highway, which leads from Vrútky to Turčianske Teplice and is 55 km long.

TANk Road (TANKODROM) = has its own road; you will find there gravel roads, panel sections, but also beautiful asphalt intended only for cycling. It uses the original military tank road - the route is 15 km long and passes through the slopes of Lúčanská Mala Fatra, the villages of Bystrička, Trebostovo, Trnovo, Turčiansky Peter, up to Valča.

Cyklomapy Turca:

Rafting Strečno

The first rafting company has been implementing the idea of making full use of the country's potential since 1999 and presenting it in the form of a tourist attraction. The renewal of traditional transport in the area allows visitors to experience number of cultural, historical, and natural attractions during 7 km long rafting trail. The leaders of the vessel dressed up in traditional costumes will talk you through the interesting facts this tradition.


Sutovo Waterfall

Close to Martin is located one of the highest waterfalls in Slovakia, which is Sutovo waterfall, almost 38m high. Easy trail leads to this highest waterfall of Mala Fatra starting from the small village of Sutovo, approximately 9km long. You should be able to complete this trail in around 2.5 to 3 hours.


If you lack adrenaline while relaxing in our cabin, you can either go for a walk in the woods at night or try a downhill ride on scooters. The descent starts from the parking lot from Cttage Martinské hole and continues along the asphalt road to the Pod Kalužnou turn, on the old road in the direction of Hodinovka (cannon) to the valley station of the former cable lift - Martin Stráne.


Here are also many interesting places for cultural activities in Martin and its surroundings. The most visited include:

Slovak Chamber Theater Museum of the Slovak Village in Jahodnícke Háje Ethnographic Museum Matica slovenská Slovak National Museum Turcianska gallery Blatnica manor house Blatnica castle Sklabina Castle